Uncontrolled weed growth in your pasture
is a high yield robber - stop it now!

Unchecked weed growth in your pasture sucks the moisture and nutrients needed for your good grasses.

weeds rob your pasture
Some examples of pasture robbing weeds - Professional Pasture Services have a spray plan to clean up your pasture and restore the good grasses.

Professional Pasture Services works on weed control and thinks about weed control day in and day out. Their staff spends hours each week analyzing the latest research on weed management. They are constantly learning and therefore they can give you the best advice based upon the latest research from across the country.

There are hundreds of weed varieties but some of the most common are knapweed, cheat grass, dandelion, Canadian thistle, mullen, toad flax and leafy spurge. You don't need to know one from the other. Just know you have something other than grass in your pasture.

Professional Pasture Services is here to help. Their professional staff will analyze your pasture for weed varieties and make control recommendations.

They will give you answers about:

  • 1. Weed Varieties

  • 2. Herbicide and organic controls available

  • 3. Environmental Safety

  • 4. How long each control works and repeat application requirements.

  • 5. Grazing restrictions.

  • 6. Cost of the various methods

  • The latest in GPS tracking and electronic accuracy in
    the delivery of just the exact amount of herbicide to meet your pasture needs. Contact Burr Anders at Professional Pasture Services to arrange for professional spray services.

    For the do-it-yourselfer Professional Pasture Services will provide advice and materials. The picture above is an example of the Professional Spray Equipment they have available to meet your needs.

    This is what your pasture
    can be with the help of
    Professional Pasture Services

    Good pasture grass with the help of Professional Pasture Services

    No Job is too Large or to Small