Is your pasture:

1. In trouble?
2. Overrun with weeds?
3. An embarrassment to you?

Professional Pasture Services (PPS) is here to help. PPS has staff skilled in the analysis of pasture and hay land.

Pasture or hay land? Small one horse outfit or big hay producer? Novice or years of experience? This is the diverse customer base for Professional Pasture Services.

This page will deal with the issues surrounding pasture / hay land restoration / rehabilitation and what Professional Pasture Services (PPS) can do to help you.

Is your grassland overrun with weeds, brush or has the edible forage become very thin? Then we have a plan to help you out.

PPS staff will first consult with you about what you see as wrong with your grass land.

Pasture restoration/rehabilitation is one of the specialty services of PPS.

If your land is choked with brush, weeds or grassland has been grazed to nothing. PPS has a plan for you. No matter what your forage problem, PPS has seen it before.

PPS will work with you to develop an overall plan to rehabilitate your pasture. They are experts at brush removal, weed killing and reseeding.

Along with the visual changes of brush and weed removal they will discuss with you soil nutrient analysis. In order to have maximum forage growth, your soil may need to be supplemented with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, lime or some combination. PPS can help you with this analysis.

Whenever you reseed or over seed an established field, be careful not to allow grazing animals out on the field to early. Cattle and horses eat grass by pinching between teeth or teeth and gum and tearing off with a movement of the head. If the root system of the new grass is not well established, grazing can ruin the new seeding quickly. If you let grasses get too long before grazing cows, and horses wrap their tongues around the long grass and jerk. Jerking will pull some of the young seedlings out by the roots.

It takes awhile to rehabilitate pasture. Germination and establishment rates for new grasses are relatively low. It may take a few years of controlled grazing and/or mowing before a pasture matures.

A careful management program using livestock or mowing plus the addition of required nutrients can convert a distressed field into a productive pasture in a few years at minimal cost.

PPS is here to help.

Pasture in need of renewal!!

Let us inspect your grassland for what it needs.

The no till drill - a great tool for pasture rehab.

Pasture in Need

After brush removal

Months Later